Roof Inspections with
Thermal - 3D models - Orthophotos

Certified Infrared Thermographer | FAA Certified Drone Pilot

find leaks and issues with an in depth inspection of your roof without ever going onto it.

A thermographic survey inspection is carried out:

• As a method of finding roof leaks

• To highlight extent of water ingress within roof structures.

• Prior to expiry of warranty to prove that a roof is leak free.

• To prove effective installation and After repair or renewal work.

Value of Drones for Thermal & Orthophoto Inspections

• Rapid and Easy scans for Roof tops

• A thermographic survey is an extremely powerful and effective method of finding flat roof leaks.

• using thermal imaging is used to detect hidden problems,  and it’s none invasive.

• Allows roofers to accurately plan the repair or replacement project and eliminates any unnecessary steps from the process.

• When water penetrates a roof system it is absorbed by the insulation materials and may result in a leak within the building which can be a significant distance from the actual leak point.

• Save time and money with yearly/quarterly scheduled aerial inspections

• Comprehensive Reports

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