Achieve Maximum Energy Production and Faster ROI from your Solar Farms.

Solar Panel Farm Inspection with
Thermal Imaging

Certified Infrared Thermographer | FAA Certified Commerial Drone Pilot

When to have a Solar inspection-

  • Minimum yearly inspection that assess the operating health of your solar plant to find problems that effect the overall efficiency of your Solar farm.
  • Prior to warranty expiration to avoid costly repairs later.
  • New installation inspections verify that your new Solar farm is 100% operational.

Value of Drones for Solar Farm Inspections

• Manual inspections take 10+ times longer to do an inspection at a greater cost

• No shutdowns required and Non invasive

• Rapid and Easy scans for Roof tops and arrays

• Hot spot identification showing defective cells / Geotagged images

• Identify string outages and bad diodes / Geotagged images

• Diagnostic purpose / planning of Panel placement

• Infrared signatures show defective panels

• Keep the solar farm running at peak efficiency

• Save time with routine pre-selected way point aerial inspections

• get complete comprehensive reports

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